Who We Are

Modern Streetcar Advocates are community visionaries, public transit champions and everyday people who love our city. We all know that Omaha wins with a streetcar.

We are Omahans who, beginning in 2017, have attached our names to this idea. There are many different reasons we are passionate about this project, but we all agree that a streetcar makes sense for our city.

That’s why more than 1,200 of us have officially attached our name to this project, and we know there are many more of us who support a streetcar in Omaha. Join us!


We seek to spark accurate, information-based conversations about the streetcar. We’ve talked with transportation experts, planning gurus and people who love this city, and we are so enthusiastic about the possibilities this will bring to our community. As our city continues to evolve, as decisions are made, we’re confident that when the streetcar is added to the mix, our city’s future is on the right track.

Thank you to the 1,200+ Omahans who have stood up for progress and signed their names to this movement, to generous supporters who helped get us off the ground, to Omaha by Design for guiding us and to ConnectGO for helping to keep the conversation moving across the community.

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This is a big deal for our city, and now is the time to step up.

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