Learn more at the Omaha Streetcar Authority’s website at omahastreetcar.org!

Modern Streetcar Advocates are community visionaries, public transit champions and everyday people who love our city. We all agree that

Omaha wins with a streetcar.

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It’s getting real!

When Modern Streetcar Advocates was founded in 2017, we hoped by proving there was strong support for the project, that the idea would gain momentum and take off. One by one, people signed up as an advocate right here on this website. More than 1,200 of us attached our name to this project and carried the conversation forward. We’re thrilled that this is no longer just an idea and that this project has real support behind it.

The Omaha Streetcar is now on track to launch in 2026. An Omaha Streetcar Authority (OSA) has been created, and is a public entity created through an interlocal agreement between the City of Omaha and Metro Transit.

Visit the OSA’s website for project updates and more information.



Are you moved by this bold vision for Omaha? Learn how Omaha wins with a streetcar.

7 Reasons for a Omaha Streetcar

Why We Care About the Streetcar

A streetcar today gets us to an even brighter, bolder future for our city tomorrow.

With a streetcar, we can transform our urban core and strengthen neighborhoods and schools. It can enhance the unique character of midtown and downtown, creating higher density development. And, there are a lot more reasons to explore.

Why We Need A Streetcar

“A modern streetcar is a vehicle for much more than transportation

Scott Dobbe |  Executive Director
Omaha by Design

Now it’s time to connect others to this vision and take the next step toward making Omaha a more accessible, inclusive, prosperous, cosmopolitan, successful city.

Why We Care

Make the connection. Become a Modern Streetcar Advocate.

This is a big deal for our city, and now is the time to step up.

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