Modern Streetcar Advocates are community visionaries, public transit champions and everyday people who love our city. We all agree that

Omaha’s future is riding on the streetcar.

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Who We Are

We are Omahans who wanted to be riding a streetcar yesterday.

We are tired of waiting. Not because a streetcar is exciting, and not because everyone else is doing it. But because it makes the most sense for our city.

We’ve talked with transportation experts, planning gurus and people who love this city. They all ask: why are we letting the opportunity of a streetcar pass us by?

That’s why we are taking action now.


Now is the time for accurate, information-based conversations about the streetcar. Projects are moving forward and decisions are being made — and when the streetcar is added to the mix, our city’s future is on the right track.

Join us. Thank you to the hundreds of Omahans who have stood up for progress and signed their names to this movement. But we know there are more advocates out there! Showing significant public support for a streetcar in Omaha will give the idea a chance to move forward, so please share our story with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else who sees the incredible potential in this idea.

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This is a big deal for our city, and now is the time to step up.

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Why We Care About the Streetcar

A streetcar today gets us to an even brighter, bolder future for our city tomorrow.

With a streetcar, we can transform our urban core and strengthen neighborhoods and schools. It can enhance the unique character of midtown and downtown, creating higher density development. And, there are a lot more reasons to explore.

Why We Need A Streetcar

“A rail transit system would spur density and promote cultural vibrancy and social connection.”

Rachel Jacobson  |  Executive Director
Film Streams


Now it’s time to connect others to this vision and take the next step toward making Omaha a more accessible, inclusive, prosperous, cosmopolitan, successful city.

Why We Care

Are you moved by this bold vision for Omaha? It gets even better.

How It Could Work