A streetcar unlocks the benefits of a robust, integrated transit system.

Omaha has a vision for a robust and fully integrated regional transit system. But cities such as Kansas City and Salt Lake City have shown that this doesn’t and can’t happen overnight. It starts with a spark — a small piece of a bigger picture.

  • A Gateway to Transit

    The streetcar and ORBT bring the opportunity of public transportation to new riders and will connect with intersecting bus routes throughout downtown and midtown. Through streetcar use, we expect people will discover the benefits and advantages of public transit and may increase their use of the bus system as well.

  • Choices, Choices

    It is important to note that expanded transit is not meant to — and never will — replace driving. Rather, it is meant to provide people with more transportation options. Even those who think they will never use the streetcar will benefit from it through fewer drivers on the road (decreased wear and tear on our streets), increased tax revenue (development along the corridor and beyond) and cleaner air (streetcars run on electricity, not gasoline).

Taken together, the proposed streetcar and ORBT represent our region’s first steps toward a more robust system of transit service.

As both modes grow ridership, demand will grow for expanded transit.


The Omaha Streetcar Authority is busy making plans for the future.

Learn more at OmahaStreetcar.org

This is only the beginning.

MAPA’s 2017 Close the Gap initiative has identified an extensive system of BRT and light rail lines that would expand the initial BRT and streetcar lines by 2050 to include:

  • North Omaha and South Omaha

  • UNO and Creighton

  • Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

  • Aksarben and other major activity centers

  • Council Bluffs to West Omaha

The streetcar is uniquely suited to shape development in our region’s urban core to produce a more vibrant, walkable area

Stephen Osberg
Director, Transportation & Urban Development
Greater Omaha Chamber

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