EDITORIAL: Omaha’s population shift back toward its core bodes well for attracting new workers

OWH Editorial Staff:

Census data showing the growth of Omaha’s urban center since 2010 is the marker of a healthy, increasingly vibrant community.

World-Herald analysis of 2020 Census counts found that the area east of 72nd Street gained more than 13,000 people after 2010, and by another 7,000 west of 72nd and inside the Interstate 680 loop.’

As has been the case in nearly all American cities, residents moved away from Omaha’s urban core in droves starting in roughly the 1960s. Even with the growth of the past decade, Omaha’s population east of 72nd has dropped by 40,000.

The shift back toward downtown, back toward the river, is both heartening and good for the city.

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