The Experts Have Spoken

Thanks to everyone who could make it to Tuesday night’s Modern Streetcar Advocates event. An estimated 150 people joined us to hear special guests Steve Jensen (former City Planning Director) and Derek Miller (Long Range and Mobility Planning Manager with the City of Omaha Planning Department) share their expertise and perspective on the impact a streetcar could make in our city. Some highlights:

Since 1963, downtown parking has grown by 40 percent, but jobs have decreased by 44 percent.

Successful major cities maximize use of remaining land by growing up, not out; revitalizing older neighborhoods; and investing in transit.

City planning works best when residents decide what they want their city to be like, and planners work around those goals.

By joining Modern Streetcar Advocates, you’re helping decide what kind of Omaha you want to live in. With a streetcar, Omaha’s future is vibrant. This is how change happens!

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