High Rise Developments in Milwaukee

Not that long ago, Milwaukee was labeled as one of the slowest growing cities in the nation.

Today, experts are describing the city’s economy as “booming” and growth is happening everywhere, but especially downtown. Milwaukee’s streetcar, The Hop, opened in November 2018 and has had a key role in the city’s ongoing development.

“Milwaukee is in the midst of an unprecedented downtown boom and The Hop is a critical part of connecting it all,” said VISIT Milwaukee CEO Paul Upchurch in an article in the Milwaukee Independent. “We know visitors, whether they’re here for business or leisure, will enjoy the convenience and affordability that this fixed-transit system brings.”

The second phase of the city’s streetcar is underway, which includes a stop in a 44-story apartment building right on the riverfront. That’s right, a streetcar and bus rapid transit stop will be inside the building. The building has experienced some delays, but the streetcar’s expansion is still projected to be open for riders next year.

The city’s transformation attracted the attention of the New York Times back when the streetcar’s construction was in progress. Milwaukeeans (Milwaukeeites? Milwaukeers?) clearly have pride in their city, just as much as Omahans. It took visionary leadership, public-private partnerships and bold risk-taking to boost the city’s stature and economy.