It’s Streetcar Weather

Last Saturday was gorgeous outside, and tomorrow promises to be the same – and people are starting to head outdoors again.

With no big events going on in Kansas City last Saturday (unlike this weekend with the Big 12 basketball tournament going on at the Sprint Center), their streetcar system helped more than 12,000 people get around their urban core!

Not only do streetcars help visitors get to major (and minor) events, but streetcars help locals get around their city, too. In fact, a recent study shows that 38 percent of the riders on the KC streetcar are getting to and from their jobs.

Streetcars are also very bicycle-friendly. Cyclists can bring their bicycles on board – which will be handy in Omaha with trails running mostly north to south (and the streetcar line running east/west).

According to the Omaha Community Foundation’s The Landscape, “paths are well designed to ensure both safety and connection to streets, but are frequently treated as recreational paths rather than a path for transit. Options for traveling east or west (the most common commute in our community) via bicycle path are quite limited. Beyond the trails that exist, there are few opportunities for people to easily and safely travel by foot or by bike.”

A streetcar could make the difference.

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