Let’s Be a Transit-Friendly Town

Omaha is a cow town.
Omaha is a car town.

Neither of these are true, but they’re common perceptions.

What kind of town do we want to be?

Modern Streetcar Advocates, and many others, are working to change the conversation: Omaha is a public transportation town.

In fact, Omaha sits above the national average in percentage of residents without cars. The 2016 national average was 8.7 percent, with Omaha at 9.2 percent. Omaha actually increased a whole percentage point from the year before.

Today, more and more people are living without a car in Omaha. How are we helping them get to jobs, stores, medical facilities, and more?

A streetcar is an important step in achieving our city’s transit vision, not just as an additional mode of transportation, but as a way to attract new riders to the idea of public transportation.

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