Let’s Start Our Streetcar Culture Now

When we ride the streetcar in Omaha, let’s make a smile the price of coming aboard.

Let’s look at small talk with seat neighbors like it’s a normal thing and not weird.

Let’s respect folks who have headphones on, too, and make it also OK to tune out the world for awhile.

Let’s welcome people from other towns, states and countries. Let’s make sure the visiting teams to Creighton Basketball, Creighton Soccer, UNO Hockey, College World Series and others know that we’re glad they’re here.

Let’s ensure the streetcar supports the artsand kidsand small businesses.

Let’s resolve to encourage others to use other transit systems in Omaha, too.

Let’s make the streetcar a community just like Omaha itself: happy, inviting and supportive.

Public transportation is proven to increase community cohesion and inspire a sense of togetherness. It makes communities more livable, more beautiful and less isolated.

Each streetcar can become a micro-community, one where you may meet the person who lives down the block, the person who connects you to your next job, the person who gives you a book or podcast recommendation, or more. Just as important as economic development, social development can have a big impact on our city’s well-being and future as a premier destination for both living, working and visiting.