Omaha’s in the Big Leagues

It’s College World Series season, which means hotel rooms are scarce, the temperature skyrockets and parking spots downtown become nearly impossible to find.

One of the unique aspects of the CWS is that it’s not only tourists who attend – plenty of locals get in on the fun. And for Omahans who don’t make it downtown very often, they might think that parking is always hard to come by.

But we know better. The real problem is “the city needs to find ways to increase access to downtown’s decent supply of unoccupied parking.”

Omaha is not alone in this. “It’s estimated that there are as many as two billion parking spots in the United States for a scant 200 million cars.”

So back to the CWS. What happens when an influx of people visit downtown Omaha? The city’s bus service, Metro, offers a stadium circulator for the low price of $.25 a ride. Buses stop by convenient places every 10 minutes during the peak hours.

And they’re packed. And easy to ride. And people have fun getting to and from the baseball games.

The streetcar can provide this experience year-round AND it can spur even more development in the core of our city, providing exciting experiences just like the CWS.

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