We’re #11!

When the Omaha Chamber of Commerce decided to put our city’s hat in the ring for the new Amazon headquarters, our own newspaper called it a “long shot” in the headline

But a well-respected commercial real estate data provider recently ranked Omaha as number eleven out of 25 cities they analyzed, ahead of Philadelphia and Denver. Care to guess what ranking pulled us down? You got it, our worst rating was public transportation. We were third-to-last in this category, just ahead of Colorado Springs and Chattanooga.

And even more interesting, our highest ranking was museum and cultural employment.

This is where a streetcar comes in. Not only could a streetcar enhance the public transportation options this city has to offer, but it also helps connect the cultural investments we’ve made in our city. From the Joslyn to the Holland Center, from the Children’s Museum to the Rose, many of our city’s finest arts destinations are within easy walking distance of the proposed corridor.

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