Why I Support the Streetcar, Episode 2

We talked with one of our more active advocates about why she’s excited about the prospect of a streetcar in Omaha. Cora is a millennial, and she lives near the Blackstone area, works downtown, and recently volunteered with Modern Streetcar Advocates at an event. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Cora!

MSA: What would a streetcar in Omaha mean to you?

Cora: I would love to not worry so much about parking. To me, cars are a burden – they’re expensive to drive and maintain. To be less car dependent would be freeing, and a streetcar would help make the city more accessible for everyone.

MSA: Why have you chosen to support the streetcar movement?

Cora: I study real estate and I’m learning more and more about all the benefits of a dense urban core. We need to build up and not out. Streetcars help make better use of our land.

MSA: Why should others support the streetcar?

Cora: Having a streetcar would be a big incentive for young people to stay here. Even that we’re considering this option makes me proud to be here. I’ve had friends move to Kansas City and New York City, and for those of us who want a more urban and less car dependent city, it’s tempting. But I love this community and the streetcar would be a big reason to stay for a lot of us.

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