Back to Work

According to the most recent census data (in 2015), there are just over 288,000 jobs in the City of Omaha.

Nearly 15 percent of these jobs, almost 42,000, fall within a few blocks of the proposed streetcar corridor. Even more impressive, a little over 57,000 jobs are in the downtown and midtown area of Omaha, still within easy walking distance of the route.

This is important because we’ve seen in successful streetcar cities that many locals are using the rails to get to and from work.

But the most crucial thing to remember is that the midtown and downtown areas of Omaha can handle tens of thousands of more jobs if a streetcar is built. 

The key is that a more robust transportation system (including a streetcar) allows us to turn empty lots into businesses and future small developments into bigger buildings.

So let’s continue advocating about how a streetcar can bring us smoother commutes, more job prospects and less worries about parking!

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