One Piece of the Transportation Puzzle

One of the most common questions we hear is “why doesn’t the proposed streetcar route connect to the airport (or the zoo, North Omaha and beyond)?”

In short, we hope someday it will! MAPA’s Close the Gap initiative outlines those destinations as potential future expansions, but we have to start somewhere.

The Farnam Street corridor is the prime launching point for the streetcar since it not only links to hospitals, universities, restaurants, arena, stadium, hotels and more, but has the highest rate of educated millennials in the region — an important factor we’ve seen in other cities with successful streetcar lines. 

At the end of the day, the streetcar is not designed to be the be-all end-all of transportation solutions.

Thirteen bus/ORBT routes currently intersect along the proposed streetcar corridor, and 13 envisioned streetcar stops would be adjacent to bus/ORBT stops.

Our goal is to efficiently interlink the streetcar, bus system and ORBT to all work together in our city.


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