Free Bird

If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me – and buy me a ticket?

In a word, no.

From our perspective, when you ride the streetcar in Omaha someday, you should be free as a bird.

And for this bird, you won’t need change. Or a ticket. Or an app. Or a credit card.

Imagine this: you’ll get on the streetcar, and get off the streetcar, hassle and payment free.

Why? Because it literally does not pay to collect fees. The economics of ridership and fee payment do not equal out. The cities with streetcars that have the most ridership do not charge a fare.

We are advocating that you should be able to ride as much as you want from midtown to downtown, all free. With one caveat: the streetcar empties out at each end, so you can’t spend your day riding up and down our urban core on the same car.

In addition to being accessible to those on wheels (strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs), it will also be a great equalizer to those who can and can’t pay for transportation. It won’t matter, because it’s free.

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