Greater Omaha Chamber Joins City of Omaha to Announce Bold Additions to the City’s Urban Core


Omaha, NE., January 26, 2022 – The Greater Omaha Chamber joined the City of Omaha today in launching a streetcar project serving Omaha’s metropolitan center. This critical transportation investment sets the table for increased mobility, development and density of the region’s urban core.

The Greater Omaha Chamber also applauds Mutual of Omaha’s intention of developing a headquarters location to anchor Omaha’s vibrant downtown. Having one of our most recognized corporate citizens located at the head of the exciting reimagining of the Riverfront Park is an ideal situation for Omaha. Read More

“With these announcements, the face of Omaha is changing and continuing to position us as one of the great cities of America. Modern public transportation and headquarters investments  in our urban core are key components of our growth as a metro. This is the kind of collaboration and outcomes that will lead to our shared Omaha 2040 vision, attracting talent and business for the next generation and beyond.”

David Brown, President & CEO
Greater Omaha Chamber

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