Spreading Too Thin

Smart, Sustainable Growth

Economists and city planners are looking at growth in new ways.

Omaha is a microcosm of a global issue: we’re running out of room.

In about 25 years, Omaha will no longer be able to expand west and won’t have the ability to capture more tax base through annexation.

At the same time, we need to keep growing to remain a vibrant, active, relevant city. It’s crucial for the sustainability of Omaha to plan now for our landlocked future.

The streetcar will allow us to refocus on our urban core and grow up, not out. It will transform our downtown and midtown areas to prioritize people, not parking.

We need to make it more convenient for people to live, work and play in our city with less reliance on cars, and the streetcar is one big step to get us there.

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