Welcome Aboard, Erie, Penn.!

Erie, Penn. may soon join the list of cities who are in the process of building a streetcar.

All Aboard Erie, a transit advocacy group (sound familiar?), held a panel discussion yesterday about how a streetcar might play a role in economic development for that city.

According to an article in GoErie.com, the challenge in Erie is “to establish an iconic connection between downtown Erie and the city’s bayfront.”

Very similar to Omaha’s riverfront-to-midtown connection opportunity…

Brian Pitzer, All Aboard Erie’s Executive Director, said, “Streetcars are about more than just transportation. They are also about significant economic development. Where streetcars run, economic development almost always follows.”

Many other cities are taking notice of these benefits (and more) that streetcars bring to modern cities:

  • Improving quality of life
  • Enhancing neighborhoods and community culture
  • Reducing pollution
  • Increasing economic development


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