We’re One-Year-Old!

It’s been one year since Modern Streetcar Advocates launched, and we are incredibly grateful for each and every one of you who’s joined us along the way.

In just one year, we’ve:

  • Welcomed 1,179 advocates to our movement
  • Made 825 friends on Facebook, 957 on Instagram and 219 on Twitter, reaching more than 125,000 people on all our social media channels, equaling more than 300,000 impressions
  • Attended or spoken at more than 25 events
  • Moved our mobile streetcar sign to more than a dozen locations along the proposed route
  • Handed out more than 2,000 streetcar pins
  • Been mentioned more than 200 times in news media
  • Sent this e-newsletter every week, totaling more than 50 times

Plus we’ve talked with thousands of people at events, connected with transportation professionals and met with influential leaders in town. We’re not stopping now – please keep sharing our posts, inviting your friends to join us and forwarding these emails!

We are closer to riding a streetcar in Omaha than ever before, thanks to you! If we continue on the path we’re paving together, we won’t need to recognize a 2nd birthday – we’ll be celebrating progress on implementing Omaha’s streetcar plan!

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