Why I Support the Streetcar, Episode 3

We talked with one of our more recent advocates about why he’s excited about the prospect of a streetcar in Omaha. Will Greene is new to Omaha, and is used to living and traveling in big cities with robust public transportation networks. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Will!

MSA: Why did you move to Omaha?

Will: I moved to Omaha to further my career in sustainable energy solutions. I’m impressed by the riverfront redevelopment project and the opportunity for growth here. I’m excited to be here.

MSA: Why have you chosen to support the streetcar movement?

Will: I live and work downtown, and would love to have the same sort of system I was used to using in Seattle where I’d take the streetcar, light rail and busses to get to work. I have a car but would like to get rid of it and not have that added cost.

MSA: Why should others support the streetcar?

Will: Having a streetcar would increase mobility for lots of people and add to the sense of community in downtown Omaha. Streetcars are also environmentally friendly – they move lots of people at a time, keeping more cars off the road. It would be great to see more affordable housing downtown and I think a streetcar could help enable that.